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Test your knowledge

How much do you know about the ECB and what we do? Test your knowledge by taking our quizzes and see how many answers you get right!

Check out our quizzes 

Ready to join the club?

Do you know what a country needs to do to join the “euro club”?

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How does the ECB make money?

The European Central Bank does not function like a commercial bank, but what does that mean?

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How far has the euro come?

What do you know of the history of the euro area?

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Who’s in charge of your bank?

Take our quiz to find out more about how the ECB ensures banks are managed by the right people. 

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Approaching the digital euro era

Is the future of money really digital? Find out more in our digital euro quiz.

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Monetary policy - who, what and why

Discover the ECB’s monetary policy strategy, who decides it, and who implements it in the euro area.

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Show me the money - Euro banknotes and coins

Find out about the history and design of euro banknotes and coins.

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ECB and cyber resilience

Find out what the ECB and its partners do to promote cyber security and cyber resilience in the world of finance.

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What are foreign reserves?

Find out why a big stash of foreign funds and precious metal matters for stable prices in the euro area.

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Paper, plastic and PINs

Find out more about the different forms of money and what projects the ECB currently works on to ensure an anchor of stability for our money in the digital age.

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Climate change challenges and the ECB

Find out about climate change challenges and how the ECB is trying to be part of the solution.

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Who tells the ECB what to do?

Find out about ECB's independence and accountability – both are important, because with great power comes great responsibility.

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About the European Central Bank

This quiz tests your basic knowledge about the European Central Bank (ECB) and what it does.

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Inflation - stability is everything!

What do you know about inflation? This quiz explains how it affects us all and how central banks fight too high inflation.

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What is money, actually?

This quiz tests your basic knowledge on what ''money'' actually means. Find out about three types of money and three things only money can do.

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About European banking supervision

Why are banks supervised at the European level? And who benefits? Play this quiz to find out!

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