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Our explainers translate complex topics into plain language

Learn more about the ECB, monetary policy, inflation, banking supervision and more with our simple texts, videos and infographics.

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We have cut interest rates. Why did we do it and what does that mean for you?

Our Governing Council cut interest rates after keeping them at high levels for nine months. Want to know more about why we came to this decision and what it means for you?


What are climate disclosures?

With the insights they bring, climate disclosures help us to make better-informed decisions. Just as nutrition labels on food help people make healthier choices, climate disclosures point us to greener options when we shop or invest.


Choose your path to learn more about the ECB

Learning paths

Use these distinct learning paths to get a better understanding of who we are, what we do and why it matters to you.

Want to start with the fundamentals? Then Learn the basics is for you. Already know a bit about what we do and how we do it? Skip ahead to Deep dive into the ECB or explore the Other vital ECB work.

Learn the basics

1. Key things to know about the ECB 
2. ECB and beyond 
3. Our currency, the euro

Deep dive into the ECB

1. Making payments 
2. Monetary policy 
3. Unconventional monetary policy instruments

Other vital ECB work

1. Banking supervision 
2. Climate change and the ECB

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At the ECB, we work to keep prices stable in the euro area. Our goal is to ensure that your money will buy just about the same amount today as it will tomorrow.


Visit the ECB

The ECB Visitor Centre is located in the ECB’s main building in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Visit us to learn more about the ECB’s role and responsibilities and how our decisions affect you.

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