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Language policy of this website

On this website you will find information about the activities of the European Central Bank in the 24 official languages of the European Union (EU).

All information is available in English, but we make sure that key content, and especially information likely to be of interest to European citizens, is available in other official EU languages too.

What can you find in your language?

The homepage, all pages in the sections “About” and “The Euro”, and the entry pages to all eight sections are available in English and other official EU languages. So are our monetary policy decisions, our annual report and selected information about our monetary policy strategy, as well as other texts.

Some website content is translated into selected EU languages and may be available in a language that you understand, even if it is not your native tongue. Some speeches, interviews and blog posts by the President and other Board members are also available in languages other than English. Press releases are normally made available in English and, if relevant to the wider public beyond expert audiences, in other official EU languages.

ECB legislation is generally published in all official EU languages and is available in EUR-Lex.

You can find content on our public consultations in a selection of languages. We accept contributions to public consultations in all official EU languages.

You may also find information about the euro and other related topics in your chosen language on the websites of the EU national central banks.

Application of our language policy

If you accept our cookies, you help us get aggregate statistics on the demand for translations of individual pages and sections of our website. This means we can target what to translate in future. If a webpage is not yet available in your chosen language, you will find a statement to that effect on the page.

The ECB’s Directorate General Communications takes care of applying this language policy.

If you would like to ask the European Central Bank a question, you can contact us using the information request form in any official EU language.

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