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The ECB's main building

A modern building for a modern central bank.

The structure at Sonnemannstrasse 20 was completed in November 2014. Integrating the structure of the Grossmarkthalle (Frankfurt's former wholesale market hall), it combines both historic and modern elements and is a unique urban landmark.

The ECB main building

The initial vision behind the ECB's new premises was that of a single European market with its own currency. After careful consideration, in 2001 the Grossmarkthalle site was deemed suitable for the ECB to build its own office space.

The ECB main building - from conception to completion


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Energy design

Energy efficiency was a core tenet of the building's design. It has a rainwater collection and recycling system and the heat generated by the building's computer centre is used to provide heating to the offices. Geothermal loops in the building's foundations also heat and cool the structure.

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The memorial

The period from 1941 to 1945 constitutes a very dark chapter in the history of the Grossmarkthalle, as the basement of its eastern wing was used for the deportation of Jewish people. Today there is a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust at the former assembly point.

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Time-lapse video

From fruit and vegetable market to the new premises of the European Central Bank: the journey from conception to completion spanned just over a decade and created a counterpoint in Frankfurt's east end to the skyscrapers of the city centre.

Facts and figures


185 m high office tower


250 m long Grossmarkthalle


120,000 m2 total site area


700 trees planted onsite


6,000 panels in the office tower facade


73 km of repointed facade joints

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