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Common detector interface for high-speed banknote sorting machines

In 2013 the Eurosystem and the main suppliers of high-speed banknote sorting machines (BSMs) developed specifications for integrating detectors for banknote security features into BSMs. The specifications, which are intended to enhance interoperability and reduce integration efforts, were published under the name “common detector interface” (CDI).

These specifications met with a positive response from the market. The United States Federal Reserve System (FRS) and the Eurosystem, jointly with major BSM suppliers, therefore developed a second generation of the common detector interface (CDI2) for integrating camera systems and more complex detectors into BSMs.

CDI and CDI2 are open to all relevant stakeholders and can be used free of charge by any interested parties (e.g. central banks, machine and detector manufacturers, etc.).

Revisions to CDI or CDI2 specifications

Any relevant party may propose revisions to the CDI or CDI2 specifications by sending them to the ECB’s Directorate Banknotes. The proposals will be evaluated jointly by the Eurosystem and the FRS and integrated into future releases of the specifications if considered beneficial.

If you are a supplier interested in implementing CDI or CDI2 on your BSM or detector, the ECB and the FRS can support you by providing you with acceptance test protocols. They can also provide simulators to test that the CDI is functioning correctly. For this, you must first sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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