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Making banks’ data reporting more efficient

We work with the national central banks (NCBs) in the EU to provide policymakers and analysts with the high-quality data they need. At the same time, we are constantly seeking to make data collection more efficient and reduce the reporting burden on banks.

We aim to harmonise, standardise and integrate the existing statistical requirements of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) applicable to banks across statistical domains and countries. This helps automate data processing and enhances data quality.

This approach is built on three pillars:


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Joint Bank Reporting Committee (JBRC)

Cooperating with other European and national authorities to integrate statistical and prudential reporting under the JBRC

Find out more about the JBRC

Integrated Reporting Framework (IReF)

Incorporating existing statistical reporting into the IReF as a first step towards broader integration 

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Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD)

Cooperating with the banking industry to make reporting easier via BIRD 

Find out more about BIRD

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