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Legal Research Programme

The ECB Legal Research Programme (LRP) was launched in 2008 to foster analysis of areas of law relevant to the ECB’s statutory tasks, and to establish closer contacts between central bank lawyers and academics. Several scholarships are awarded annually.

About the scholarship

During their scholarship, the selected candidates are required to write a paper on a topic related to the programme’s research topics, present their papers at relevant ECB workshops and conferences and, ultimately, have them published in leading peer-reviewed journals. Past papers have been published in journals such as the Common Market Law Review, the German Law Journal, the European Business Organization Law Review, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, the European Law Review, the Yearbook of European Law, the European Business Law Review, the Journal of Financial Regulation, the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law. 

The call for projects is published by December each year. Experienced researchers with a track record of publishing in the legal field are encouraged to apply, as are researchers at assistant professor level and advanced PhD students. The ECB aims to assign at least one-third of the scholarships to junior scholars (i.e. scholars who are doctoral candidates or who have obtained their doctoral degree within the last three years).  Applications from female candidates are highly encouraged.

Legal Research Programme 2024

The application deadline for the 2024 round of the LRP was 22:00 CET on 18 February 2024.

Past LPR Scholars


Call for papers

Name Paper

Vincenzo Troiano

Suspension of voting rights in the regulation of bank ownership structures: a case for more integration?

Paola Chirulli-Luca De Lucia

Banking supervision and fundamental rights

Aurelia Philine Birne

CBDC as a liability of its issuing central bank – What are the implications for the design and distribution of CBDC?

Anna Peychev

The legislative role of the central bank in the creation of the European semester

Anna Toniolo

Paying for diversity? Diversity metrics in banks’ executive compensation

Argyro Karagianni

The ne bis in idem principle at the intersection between prudential and AML/CFT supervision

Dimitrios Stratakos

The Markets in Crypto-assets and pilot regime for market infrastructures based on distributed ledger technology regulations – Potential for innovation in the retail payments landscape and overlaps with existing Union legislation


Call for papers

Name Paper

Alessio Azzutti, Pedro Batista and Georg Ringe

Navigating the Legal Landscape of AI-Enhanced Banking Supervision: Protecting EU Fundamental Rights and Ensuring Good Administration

Graham Butler

Joana Mendes

Law and Discretion in Monetary Policy and in the Banking Union: Complexity between High Politics and Administration

Kanad Bagchi

The legal transformation of international monetary coordination: institutions, surveillance and authority

Katarzyna Parchimowicz

Do Not Get Lost in the Cloud. How EU Financial Institutions Could Avoid Problems with Cloud Services Arising under DORA

Raffaele Felicetti

A study on central banks and social responsibility: the case of the ESCB

Sara Dietz

Green Monetary Policy Between Market Neutrality And Market Efficiency

Silvia Allegrezza and Giulia Lasagni

Setting the Scene: Proportionality as an Evolving Concept of Intersystemic Nature


Call for papers

Name Paper

Adrian Dumitrescu, Dalvinder Singh and Oana Stefan

Limits for the ECB when adopting soft law instruments in the field of banking supervision

Chiara Benvenuto

Christian Calliess and Ebru Tuncel

The Role of Article 11 TFEU in the Greening of the ECB’s Monetary Policy

David Ramos Muñoz, Antonio Cabrales and Angel Sanchez

Central Banks and Climate Change
(Part 1). Does Climate Change Fit in Central Banks’ Mandates?
(Part 2). Can Central Banks Intervene Now? And How? Arguments of “Opportunity” and “Suitability”

Emmanuel Castellarin

The European Central Bank, national central banks, and the unity of the international representation of the European System of Central Banks

Marco Goldoni and Javier Solana

Martins Rudzitis

Susanna Cafaro

The International Representation of the Eurozone and of the Eurosystem: The Role of the ECB


Call for papers

Name Paper

Alessandro Spano and Andrea Biondi

The ECB and the Application of National Law in the SSM: New Yet Old…

Alicia Hinarejos

A Possible European Monetary Fund and the Future of the Euro Area

Anastasia Karatzia and Theodore Konstadinides

The legal nature and character of Memoranda of Understanding as instruments used by the European Central Bank

Dariusz Adamski

Memoranda of Understanding in the Governance of European Financial Institutions

Hossein Nabilou and Andre Prum

Central Banks and Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell

The Layers of Digital Financial Innovation: Charting a Regulatory Response

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