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All about us

We keep prices stable and your money safe

Here at the European Central Bank (ECB), we work to keep prices stable in the euro area. We do this so that you will be able to buy as much with your money tomorrow as you can today.

We also contribute to the safety and soundness of the European banking system. This helps to ensure that your money stays safe in the bank.

We keep inflation under control

The ECB is the central bank of the European Union countries which use the euro. Our main task is to maintain price stability. We do this by making sure that inflation remains low, stable and predictable. In this way, we seek to help you plan your saving and spending.

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We contribute to the safety of the banking system

We supervise euro area banks so you can rest assured that they can weather a rainy day. Consistent and standardised supervision throughout the euro area helps keep your money safe by making banks more robust.

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We develop and issue euro banknotes

We invest in new technologies to make the banknotes you use more secure and resistant to wear and tear. We coordinate their production and issuance with the countries that use the euro.

Explore euro banknotes in 3D

We keep the financial infrastructure running smoothly

When you pay for your shopping electronically or transfer money digitally, we’re there to help you. We manage and support the network behind the scenes – the market infrastructure – which helps money to flow smoothly and efficiently, within countries and across borders.

The Eurosystem and payments

We help preserve financial stability

We identify and give recommendations for reducing risks that could throw the financial system out of balance, such as stock market turmoil or a sharp fall in house prices. This helps people like you, as well as businesses, to plan and invest for the future with confidence.

Our role in financial stability


Learn how Europe has grown closer with the introduction of the common currency and the creation of joint banking supervision.

History of the euro area

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The most important decisions, including setting the interest rates and deciding which other monetary policy tools to use, are taken by the Governing Council.

Decision-making and voting rotation
Our main building

The ECB is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our main building was designed by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU and completed in November 2014. It combines both historic and modern elements, making it a unique urban landmark.

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To read more about what we do, check out our explainers. They explain key topics to help you understand central banking better.

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The ECB explained

What does the ECB do? What is inflation? Why is price stability important for you? Find the answers to these questions and more in this three-minute introductory video.

Contact us

Do you have any questions about the ECB and what we do? Find answers to the most popular questions or send us your own.


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Visit us

The ECB Visitor Centre is open for on-site and virtual visits and expert lectures, giving visitors a chance to learn more about the ECB. Take a look at our Visit us page for more information on what we offer and how you can request a visit or lecture.

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Take part in our youth initiatives

The decisions we take can have an impact on your day-to-day life. We organise events around Europe to engage with young people directly and to hear your views and ideas.

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Who owns the ECB?

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